Guide TIMO Series Thermal Imaging Module
Guide TIMO Series Thermal Imaging Module
Boost Infrared Application of Consumer Electronics Market
Application field: ThermographyIndustrial processInspection and quarantineMedical DiagnosisSmart home
The wafer-level package infrared module integrates wafer-level optical lens, wafer-level package detector, and basic imaging processing circuit to achieve accurate temperature data and sharp images for each pixel in the full frame, enabling easy integration into mobile terminals or smart devices, especially innovative products with strict requirements on cost, size and weight.


Low cost, fast integration 

  • Minimum WLP infrared module, dimension at 8.5X8.5X9.16mm 

  • DVP Interface, compatible with various embedded platforms 

  • Visible camera module equivalent, directly integration 

  • Complete SDK development kit 

Extend longer operating time 

  • Low-power design, lowest to 9mW F


  • Smart Home 

  • Intelligent Hardware Devices 

  • Machine Vision 

  • Internet of Things

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