GUIDE G120 Infrared Body Temperature Screening System
GUIDE G120 Infrared Body Temperature Screening System
Cost-effective Choice
Application field: ThermographyInspection and quarantine
GUIDE G120 infrared body temperature screening system adopts military-grade infrared thermal imaging technology, which provides a quick non-contact temperature screening for a group of people. Once it detects febrile people, it will automatically alarm and capture the pictures for storage, which highly improves the screening efficiency and effectively reduce the spread of virus.

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Thermal Camera
IR detector120×90
Pixel size17μm
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)≤0.08℃
Field of view (FOV)50°±1
Frame rate25Hz
Visible Camera
Resolution1920×1080(2 million pixels)
Focal length2.8 mm
Field of view (FOV)Horizontal FOV 97.4° 
Frame rate25Hz
Temperature Measurement
Temp range20℃-50℃
Accuracy±0.5℃ (at 1.0~1.5 meter,32-42℃)
Mechanical Interface
Thermal camera and host interfacesTwo network interfaces RJ45,One power interface
Host and server interfacesOne network interfaces RJ45
Input voltageDC 12V
input power≤12W
Software Functions
Parameter settingsAlarm setting, shielding area setting, etc.
Face recognitionIntelligent face recognition
Temperature measurementTemperature cursor superimposed, high temperature alarm in face   recognition area
AlarmAutomatic alarm capture, with alarm sound
Historical data checkingCheck and manage historical alarm data
Temperature correctionAutomatic smart correction
Working temperature-10~50℃(accurate measurement at 16~32℃ )
Storage temperature-20~60℃
Working humidity<90%(Non-condensing)
Shock30g 11ms,IEC60068-2-27
Vibration10HZ~150Hz~10Hz 0.15mm,IEC60068-2-6
Camera size17mm×15mm×81.5mm
Camera package size51mm×44mm×27mm
Height of standAbout 1.9 meter

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